Professional Home (or Tray) Whitening is regarded by the experts as the most effective and long-lasting whitening process.

It involves 3 visits. On the first visit, a model is made of your teeth. From this, a very thin, clear retainer is made leaving space for a gel to be placed inside.

Following the second visit, this retainer is worn for about 21-28 days, only when asleep and changing the gel each night. The gel gently whitens the teeth to your desired shade – you can stop at any stage (when you have reached the desired lightness).

Whitening Stain removal and Invisalign
Orotho Whitening

Whitening of the upper and lower teeth

Invisalign and whitening bradford

Invisalign followed by whitening

Whitening dentist bradford

Whitening of the upper and lower teeth

Whitening Invisalign and Bonding

Whitening, Invisalign and Bonding

Stain removal Invisalign and Whitening

Stain removal, Invisalign and Whitening

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We supply you with 4 tubes . On average, you will need to use 3 tubes to get the teeth to the desired lightness.

When completed you can top up or repeat the whitening at any stage in the future very inexpensively – you only have to purchase more gel if you have run out (£20 a tube).

Results are normally seen over 4 weeks. Any future top ups required due to tea/coffee/red wine staining usually only require the trays to be worn for a few nights.

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