Want to book in directly with our Hygiene/Therapist?

Here’s how…

What is Direct Access?

In March 2013, the regulations were changed allowing more flexible access to dental care. You are now able to see a hygiene/therapist directly without first having to first see the dentist.

What can a therapist do?

A therapist is able to provide all forms of cleaning, maintenance and stain removal which help to keep patients’ mouths healthy and fresh. They can also perform deeper gum treatments that help to stabilise gum disease. They are able to provide fillings in adults and children’s teeth along with whitening.

What appointments are available directly with the therapist at Rayner Dental Practice?

We are able to provide a cosmetic clean/traditional scale and polish with our therapist on most days of the week. You do not need to be registered at the practice nor do you have to see a dentist first. All the other treatments that our therapists carry out are done having seen the dentist first.

How do I book an appointment with the therapist for a cosmetic clean/traditional scale and polish?

You can ask the reception to book you an appointment directly or ring us to book one on 01274 679378. If you wish, we can also coincide it with your regular dental check up. Alternatively to book in click here to contact us.

How much will it cost to book direct with the therapist?

For a 30 minute appointment, it currently costs £55.

If you have an area you particularly want the therapist to clean or just want her to make your mouth feel fresh, do let them know. A traditional scale and polish makes your teeth feel lovely and smooth

Anything else?

If the therapist identifies an area of concern or when treatment is out of her scope of practice, she will always ask for a dentist’s opinion and we will happily assist you.