19th of July Update
Hello to all our patients! We hope you are all well.

As of Monday the 19th of July, wearing a face mask is no longer a legal requirement. However, at dental practices you must still wear one, follow social distancing guidelines and wash your hands. Sanitiser is available at reception too! This follows the national guidance for health care settings.

However, it does mean you no longer have to hide your smile behind your mask when out and about!

We are working hard to catch up on our backlog. Due to the special PPE and extra protection measures introduced for the covid aerosol risk, we are still only able to work at 60% of our previous capacity. We are very grateful for your patience with us. Our team is working very hard to get as many patients seen as possible.

If you have a query, please contact us via our website at www.raynerdental.co.uk

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Tom and the team at Rayner Dental Practice


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